DJ Isobela Gloria

DJ Isobela Gloria
Want a DJ who’s as excited to create your wedding as you are? For DJ ISOBELA GLORIA, every day is an adventure of discovery.

“I was first drawn to DJing as a way to explore more music, and discover more of downtown Chicago.” Isobela says. “These days I get all I could want of both!”

At receptions, Isobela especially loves playing classic rock , 90s alternative, and dance classics from the early 2000s. But she’s constantly seeking out new things. “My favorite part of DJing is playing a new song I know and love, then having people go ‘WHOOP’ and barrel toward the dance floor,” Isobela says. “It’s an awesome sight.”

With Isobela as your DJ, expect a party that’s as quirky as you wanna be – but also planned and executed with precision. For her, organization and creativity go hand in hand.

“I have a wall at home with a whole bunch of notecards taped up with the names of songs,” she says. “I rearrange them, put them into new sets, and see what works. So I’m always discovering new ways to mix.”

When she’s not spinning tracks or planning sets, you might find Isobela studying auto repair or re-watching The Office for the 8th time. She has 4 sisters but only one dog, Professor X. Check her availability for your event by filling out this contact form.

We worked with DJ Isobela and Luis and they were complete professionals. They didn’t miss a beat capturing our music needs indoor and outdoors. Their attention to detail was bar none!
- from Jill's review at The Knot
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