DJ Keaton Michael

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What’s the most interesting wedding DJ KEATON MICHAEL’s ever done? Chances are, it’s the next one.

“I just love meeting new people and finding out what’s going to be important to them,” Keaton says. “Some folks want to keep things really simple, and others want to go off the beaten path and reinvent every wedding tradition together. Every couple is different – which is what makes this so fun.”

Keaton has always had an enthusiasm for new experiences – which may explain why he’s tried on so many different careers. Keaton worked as a firefighter, a bouncer and on a crime-scene cleanup crew before settling on his current path – as a recording-studio engineer and a DJ/MC at Backthird Entertainment. “Everybody likes to talk about how their workplace is a family,” he says. “This is the first place I’ve worked where that actually felt true.”

Like every Backthird DJ, Keaton’s trained to fill dance floors in a variety of music genres – but he’s got a soft spot for modern club and EDM, which let him practice his beatmixing skills, and for ‘80s pop and dance. During DJ training, Keaton bet his father a steak that he couldn’t name every song on our 1980s dance music training mix by hearing song introductions alone. Keaton had to pay up promptly when his dad turned in a perfect score.

Check Keaton’s availability for your event with the online contact form, or call 630.264.2366 to request a meeting with Keaton before you book.

Keaton had a set list that kept the party going all night! I did NOT expect my entire family to dance all night, and his music was OUTSTANDING!
- from Caitlyn's review on The Knot
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