DJ Luis Gonzalez

DJ Luis Gonzalez
Great DJs don’t just know songs – they know music. For DJ LUIS GONZALEZ, that knowledge has been the pursuit of a lifetime.

“My grandfather handed me a guitar when I was 10,” Luis says, “and it changed my life.”

Luis has pursued music ever since. He earned his degree in classical and jazz guitar performance, then began studying with Backthird to become a DJ. His favorite dance sets are a mix of all his favorite music – Club and Latin dance hits, feelgood pop classics and guilty-pleasure anthems like the “Jock Jams” series. Every mix is driven by his client preferences, but filtered through his own musical passion.

“I like to plan out music sets around a client’s song picks,” Luis says, “and then feel out the crowd from there. I love it when you play a song that make the crowd go crazy because it’s a throwback jam or family favorite. Moments like that are the ones I’m always looking for and building up to.”

Outside the DJ booth, Luis’s style as an MC is straightforward – he prefers to engage your guests with music rather than chatter on the microphone. But his good-natured, easygoing planning style makes him a hit behind the scenes with friends and family of all tastes and ages. Clients working with Luis find his approach lets them breathe easy – up until the dance floor opens, that is. Then it’s time to move.

When he’s not playing the guitar or building dance sets, Luis loves tabletop board games and card games. You’ll catch him playing everything from old-school hits like Risk to modern classics like Betrayal at Hill House or Cards Against Humanity. In other words: The perfect mix.

Is Luis still free for your event? You can call 630.264.2366 to find out – or just use this contact form.

Luis was responsive and easy to work with. He got all the details correct, and we really didn’t have to think about anything while the wedding was going on!
- from Jason's review at The Knot
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