Peggy Smith at age 87 dazzles us in the studio

Peggy Smith recording piano at Backthird AudioOn Friday, I was reminded to start taking my vitamins, do memory exercises and stay fit, well get in better shape anyway, when 87 years young Peggy Smith came into the studio to record a number of tunes on the piano. Peggy is still sharp as a knife and can play the piano at the drop of a hat. We were amazed as we rattled off the names of numerous songs and she just started playing them perfectly start to finish without a single piece of sheet music in front of her. As her son Leonard “Bud” Smith told us, “She just has thousands of tunes in her head and can recall any of them immediately at will.”

Peggy only took about 2 years of classical piano lessons when she was 5 and has played by ear ever since. According to Bud, she can’t read a lick of music, but if she hears it once she’ll fire it back out on the piano. During WWII Peggy, English born, was hired by the red cross to play for injured soldiers in the hospital. There she met her to be American husband and returned with him to the U.S. after the war. She’s been playing for people in hospitals and various other events to entertain music lovers ever since.

This time around we recorded 17 songs in 2 hours (impressive) that were representative of the classical/jazz piano era during the war. Peggy and Bud are planning a trip back to the studio soon to record more modern contemporary songs from The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion and more! Peggy says that it’s the music that has kept her so up beat all these years and she is proof positive that music keeps you young.  So, keep drinking from the musical fountain of youth I say! It seems to be working.

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  1. Candace Olander says:

    Enjoyed the story about Peggy Smith. She plays at Edward Hospital Monday afternoons; we love her music and her smile.

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