In mid-October, Backthird Entertainment is closing for good.

If you’ve booked an event with us on or before October 10, 2020, this doesn’t affect you. We’ll be at your party, just as planned. We’re looking forward to it.

If you’ve booked an event with us after October 10, 2020, we’re still taking care of you – but not as Backthird Entertainment. We’ll be transferring your contract. In most cases, we’ll transfer it to one of the DJs or musicians who already work for us.

Here’s what you can expect.

Why is Backthird closing?

We’ve been losing money since March. You can read the gory details in this post, but here’s the bottom line: We’re not likely to be profitable until the pandemic ends. And we can’t keep our office open without revenue.

So we’re transferring contracts to someone who CAN keep going without revenue: Our DJs and musicians. They have other jobs to get them through the lean times: They teach lessons, play recording sessions, or work in other fields that don’t require physical gatherings. It’s time for our office staff to look for other jobs as well.


How do contract transfers work?

Before September 25, your Account Manager will email you personally with a new contract. It will look a whole lot like the contract you have already signed with us. It just won’t be with us.


Who is my new contract with?

Instead of “Backthird Entertainment” on the bottom signature line, your new service agreement names the individual DJ or lead musician who intends to work your wedding. By signing, you release Backthird from further liability and contract directly with your DJ or musicians. They will render services you booked, and you’ll pay them directly when the time comes.

If you booked both a DJ and musicians with us, you’ll receive two contracts – one with your lead musician, and one with your DJ.

When possible, we’ll assign your contract to the specific DJ or musician who was already lined up to work for you. Most of our performers are staying in the business.

But a few are not. If your individual DJ or musician isn’t able to take on your party on their own, we’ll assign it to another trusted entertainer in the Backthird family. Every Backthird contract is going to someone who has worked personally for this company. Even though Backthird is going away, you’ll still be working with “Backthird people.”


What money will I owe, and when?

Your balance due remains the same.

This means, for example, that if you’ve already paid $1000 toward a $4000 contract, your new contract will only be for the remaining $3000. If you’ve already paid your balance in full, your new contract will be for $0.

If you booked a DJ and musicians with us, you’ll get two new contracts – and the total on both will add up to the total still due for your current contract.

Payment terms remain the same, as well: Your contract should be paid in full by 30 days before your event date. That’s how Backthird has always worked. You just won’t pay Backthird now; you’ll pay your DJ or musicians directly.


What if my plans have changed and I don’t need your services now?

You can cancel your existing contract, but we won’t be able to refund past payments. Send an email to your Account Manager – or to me personally – that states you want to cancel your existing contract and release Backthird from further obligation. We’ll take you off our client list.

This option makes sense if your wedding isn’t happening any more and you don’t want to waste your entertainers’ time or energy holding your date.


What if I’m not ok with you transferring my contract to my performers?

Contract transfers are fairly standard – mortgage companies do them all the time and seldom ask permission first.

And honestly, this is the best way I know to take care of you while my business implodes, my office staff lose their jobs and I lose everything I’ve built. I’m only asking that you stick to your original agreement – with someone else from our team, instead of with the formal company.

Still, we won’t force you.

If you want, you can accuse us of defaulting on your contract and demand a refund of whatever you’d paid Backthird so far. Send me an email (or have your lawyer do it) with your contact info and ask to be added to our list of creditors.

I’ll do my best to pay creditors in a fair way. But I’ll be really clear here: If a lot of clients choose this path, Backthird will probably go bankrupt. You may get a small percentage of what you’ve paid us so far, but not everything.

This option makes sense if you think Backthird has treated you unfairly. I hope you won’t do this. It makes my life harder. But I’ll understand if you don’t see it that way.

If you still want DJ or musician services, though, it makes way more sense for you to take the contract transfer and move forward with our performers.


What if I’ve postponed my event but haven’t set a new event date with Backthird yet?

We know who you are! If you’re on our “postponed, but not rescheduled” list, your contract will read “Date to be decided.” You can schedule with your DJ or musicians when you’re ready to confirm a new event date.

Just remember: Your DJ or musicians don’t have unlimited availability. When you set a new event date, it’s a good idea to check with them first. But if there’s a conflict, they’ve agreed to do their best to take care of you just like Backthird would have done.


Can I change services on my contract?

Sorry – no. This is a straight transfer, not a rebooking or a renegotiation.

If you’ve booked services you no longer want, your best option is to cancel that part of your contract.

If you’ve booked services you want to change (different instruments, add uplighting, etc.), your best option is to go with the contract transfer for now – then talk directly with your DJ or musicians about adding those new services. You’ll work with them now.

The one exception to this rule is simple date or time changes: If your event’s an hour earlier or you’ve changed venues, in most cases we’ll be able to make that update when we transfer your contract.


Read more about why Backthird is closing – and what it means to me, the founder – in this post.