Backthird works a little differently from some Chicago wedding DJ companies – and not just because you can book live music here along with your DJ! If you’re setting up your first call to talk wedding music with us, here’s what you need to know.

You’ll have two main points of contact at Backthird Entertainment: Your Producer and your Account Manager.

Your Producer is your DJ or your lead musician. (If you book both, you’ll have two producers.) They run the music and events at your wedding, and they help you plan those things ahead of time so they’ll be successful.

Your Account Manager helps you do everything else.


  • Which DJ is best for me?
  • What kind of sound system does my venue need?
  • Should I use the trio with guitar or the quartet with piano?
  • How many uplights work best at my venue?
  • That’s not in my budget. What’s a good Plan B?
  • My DJ moved out of the country/got sick/had a baby* right before my wedding. Who’s my DJ now?
  • My venue says it needs “proof of insurance.” What’s that about?
  • Do I need a microphone for my wedding ceremony in this barn/field/abandoned amusement park?**
  • My wedding planner needs some vendor information. Can you coordinate with her while I’m at work?
  • We really want this one song at our wedding. What kind of band is best to play it?
  • Am I booking the right thing?
  • Am I getting a fair price?

I’m not saying the above are questions you should ask your Account Manager when you talk. I’m saying she will solve them without you ever having to ask.

Our AMs network like crazy. They follow up on every event our performers work. They know the strengths and weaknesses of every Backthird DJ, every musician, and most of the wedding venues and vendors in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. They know which DJs are on call as backups on which days. If your wedding music is a car, your DJ drives – but your AM is the mechanic. Her role is to know what goes on underneath the hood so you won’t ever have to.

Your Account Manager is here to be your advocate as you make a lot of plans and spend a lot of money in a local industry you probably know nothing about. One of AMs literally has the words you are a calming influence in this person’s life pasted to the wall above her phone.

And that’s why your AM is the first person you will ever talk to at Backthird.

During that first phone call, pay attention to how she takes care of you. When you book wedding music here, you don’t order off a menu of superstars – you hire a whole family of servants. Your AM is your primary access to that family. If you feel at home with her, you’ll feel at home with us.

And if our family is a fit for you, the rest – performers, sound systems, dates, times, insurance – is just details.

And details are your Account Manager’s job.


 *Total Backthird babies so far: 7. Number born 6 weeks ahead of schedule on a client’s wedding day: 2.

**OK, I made up the abandoned amusement park. But it’s only a matter of time.