DJ Kantrice Ogletree

DJ Kantrice Ogletree
Want to get people dancing at your wedding? No one knows more about that than DJ KANTRICE OGLETREE. As a former choreographer and dance studio owner, Kantrice has been putting music and movement together for most of her life.

And there’s no better place to do that than your wedding.

“Weddings are such happy moments,” Kantrice says. “I get a kick out of watching everyone enjoy themselves, especially the couple of honor.” Her formula for dance success starts with the wedding couple’s tastes, then factors in requests guests give her on the fly. And she’s always watching the dance floor to see what’s working best.

“I was a dancer, so my musical tastes run the gamut,” Kantrice says. She’s especially partial to the 80s and 90s hits she grew up with, and she can spot most Motown and hip-hop classics in the first few notes. “I’m not afraid to mix it up at weddings,” she says. “But I like to build on each song as the night progresses, so the energy just gets higher as the night goes on.”

Kantrice is all about the details when it comes to your agenda and behind-the-scenes work – an obsession she attributes to her other career as a government administrator. When she’s not DJing, you might catch her acting out movie musicals with her kids, roller skating or catching up on her Argentine tango lessons.

“I am a researcher by nature and just a curious person,” Kantrice says. “I love learning about different cultures and customs – but love is the one language I find to be universal.”

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