Not “just another party.”

Live jazz music is upscale and upbeat – surprising, yet familiar. It’s the perfect complement to receptions in elegant spaces or for couples seeking a certain “vintage” vibe.

Backthird jazz ensembles can be built around cool piano or upbeat organ. We perform as duets, trios, quartets and even quintets. You can include a sax or vocal if you’d like your ensemble to attract some attention – or keep to a “background sound” if you want your guests to converse.

Choosing a wedding package with live music? You can combine jazz ensembles of various sizes and styles for your unique event. Scroll on for possibilities, or meet your account manger for help creating your personal plan.

Song List
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Wedding Ceremony

Solo piano

No matter what you choose for cocktail or dinner music, your jazz bandleader can always play piano for your wedding ceremony as well.

Stick with a jazz sound for your ceremony – or expand to classical and pop styles for this part of the day.

We’ll bring a keyboard if there’s no piano in your ceremony space.

How it Works

Cocktail Hour

Piano Trio

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Organ Trio

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Dinner Music

Piano Quartet

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Piano Quintet

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Which ensemble is right for me?

Smooth or funky? Piano or guitar? Sax, vocal or more conversation-friendly sound?

Backthird weddings let you choose one style of jazz, or vary the lineup throughout your night. And however your party flows – your cost remains the same.

Some plans work great – but others don’t flow quite as smoothly. So your final lineup should reflect your personal tastes, but also the particular spaces and schedules that work best at your venue. And we’ve been at this long enough to know exactly what those are. That’s why your plan always begins with a short conversation with your Account Manager.

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