One rate. Zero worries.

Backthird practices true wedding pricing.

That means you pay one simple rate for all the sound and music at your wedding. No extras, no surprises.

DJ wedding

  • all sound & DJ services
  • no musicians

DJ w/live music

  • all sound & DJ services
  • musicians for ceremony & cocktails

DJ w/more live music

  • all sound & DJ services
  • musicians for ceremony, cocktails & dinner
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Where’s the list of extra charges?

We don’t have one. Unless your party’s on a national holiday or outside the Chicago area, rates above are truly all you’ll pay for music, sound and MC services at your entire event.

Want the small print? Backthird weddings include a DJ, an assistant DJ, and an on-call DJ for emergencies. We’ll work your whole reception (cocktail hour, dinner and dancing) plus your ceremony if you need it.

We’ll bring our main DJ sound system, suitable for parties of up to 300 guests, plus small systems for additional spaces if you need them. You don’t have to figure out your sound needs. We just handle it.

When you call, we’ll match you with a specific DJ. If the plan you choose includes live music, we’ll also help you pick the type of music (jazz or strings) and number of musicians (1, 2, 3 or 4).

You’ll submit events and song requests, then partner with your DJ and musicians to perfect the plan. Your wedding will be totally personal. But your budget will be totally predictable.