DJ Scott Krema

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Want a wedding that works? Then work with DJ SCOTT KREMA. Scott’s well-rounded approach to DJing is fueled by a single, simple passion: He loves seeing couples and their guests have a fantastic time.

“Being a DJ really doesn’t feel like a job,” Scott admits. “It’s such a rush making people happy – and I only want to do it more.”

So what’s going to make you and your guests happy? That’s what Scott wants to know. His no-frills MC style is fueled by a conscientious approach to planning and behind-the-scenes work. Scott loves finding out what matters most to each client, and then executing on those details as smoothly as possible.

On the dance floor, Scott’s well-rounded music knowledge makes him an ideal fit for couples who want their entire guest list involved in the party. His favorite songs to play are upbeat, up-tempo modern hits – but his goal at most weddings is to cover a variety of genres, gradually building energy as time goes on.

“Opening up the dance floor is my favorite part of the night,” Scott says. “My set list will depend on your requests, but I want to hit as many areas as I can during the first two-plus hours of dancing. Then I like to go hard for that last 30 minutes for a fun finale.”

Scott’s well-roundedness extends to hobbies too: He’s a passionate sports fan, an RPG video gamer and a Star Wars junkie. He knows how to start a fire with the bow drilling method – and he’s never met a slice of pizza he didn’t like.

See if Scott’s still free for your reception using this form – or call 630.264.2366 to set up a personal meeting and hear personalized rates and packages for your event venue.

I knew I was in good hands, so didn’t worry about anything that day— and I was right! Scott kept the party going.
- from Courtney's review at The Knot
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