For more than a decade, Backthird Entertainment has operated out of a hip and beautiful recording studio in downtown Aurora. The Backthird studio was Bruce Wayne to our Batman: The good-looking, smooth-talking weekday identity that allowed us to spend nights as Backthird Entertainment without having to get real day jobs and do something other than music. No matter what adventures we got into at events and weddings, the recording studio – like Wayne Manor – would always be there to come back to.

Not any more. We’re going full-time caped crusader.

What!? Why?

Our DJs and live musicians play events all over the Chicago area, but there are a couple cities where we seem to work more than any others. The first – downtown Chicago – is a no-brainer. The second is Geneva, Illinois, a beautiful community of talented people – including a whole mess of wedding vendors we just love to work with.

Backthird Entertainment keeps on growing, and it’s time to double down on what we love best. So we’re throwing in the recording-studio towel. We’re focusing 100% on the things we do best – weddings and events. And we’re re-locating to Geneva to partner more closely in community with some of our favorite peers in that business.

One of those peers is Leanne Valdes of You Name It Events. We’ve been working events with Leanne for years – and now, we’re going to share an office with her.

When are you moving?

At the beginning of August. We’ll probably have some sort of office-warming party, because Leanne loves that stuff – and she’s pretty great at it.

Does this affect the wedding/event I’ve got booked with Backthird?

Now and then, we drop silly postcards and other surprises in the mail to our favorite clients. Over the next few months, you might notice those coming from a different return address.

In other words: No, not one bit. We’re still doing “happy made easy.” Let us know how we can do that for you.