The concept of advocacy is central to how we approach our work at Backthird Entertainment. It’s your account manager’s job to help you navigate a world – the events business – that might be unknown to you. And it’s your DJ’s job to literally speak for you at your party, welcoming guests on your behalf and playing the songs you wanted played. That’s how we use our voices in our day-to-day profession.

Who speaks for the people who come to America fleeing terror?

This month, Backthird is supporting two such advocates. For every wedding reception we book in February 2017, we’re donating $100 to either World Relief or to the National Immigrant Justice Center. World Relief makes refugees’ transition easier once they come to the United States. The NIJC is speaking up to make sure they’ll be able to keep coming here at all.

We’re making this donation for each wedding reception contract signed in February, regardless of when the contracted event will actually take place. Our rates remain the same. There’s no additional cost to you.

All you have to do is tell us which of the above organizations you’d prefer we donate $100 to.

Backthird is an extended professional family made up of different people and perspectives. For some of us, this matters because our faith tradition is all about compassion for the stranger. For some, it matters because our American tradition is all about opportunity for the person seeking a better life in a land of greater freedom.

For many of us, it’s both.

Whatever your tradition, we’re grateful for the chance to advocate for you – and we hope you’re excited that we’re advocating for others, too.

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Benjie Hughes

February 2, 2017