Because you love each other.

Because you’ve found the person you want to spend every day with, and that’s so worth celebrating.

Because if I’m not gay, then someone I love is. 

Because difference is good. Because I need to be reminded that the world is huge and interesting and full of diverse experiences. Because I need you, and you need me.

Because marriage and family are bedrocks of society. Because love and truth and faithfulness are what make bedrocks strong.

Because in a room of 25 Americans, at least one is LGBTQ. 

Because until 4 years ago, you couldn’t do this in the same way.

Because same-sex couples are still taking a risk every time they say “we’re getting married.” Because we admire your courage, and we want to be worthy of your trust.

Because it makes good business sense, too.

Because God loves everybody.

Because love is underrated, and it conquers all.